About Us

The Soul Loved Story

When I first was introduced to the beauty and significance of a mala necklace, I knew I had to have one- but not just any would do. It had to be something special, I wanted to feel a significant connection to it and its’ energy. And everywhere I looked, some were very pretty, some where very cost effective (and some were not!), some had great meaning, but none of the ones I encountered felt like it had been made for ME.

And so I decided that I would create my own.

When I began making my very first mala, I set the intention that it would foster genuine communication and true connection. That I could speak what I truly wanted to say, and understand completely what was being said to me, removing any barriers of resistance, allowing honest connection. To my surprise, my teen daughter – who, like most typical teenagers, is not a chatty person when it comes to parents – wanted to stay and help me- and we began talking so openly about our hopes, dreams, goals, and joys.

It was then I saw how powerful the mala crystals can be when we set them with the right intentions. I realized that I wanted to share this new gift in hopes of creating more special moments like this for others!

Jennifer Ebilane, CEO & Founder of Soul Loved

You are so loved..... here's why.

Our Vision
Our vision is to live in a world where every single person knows how special, significant, and LOVED they are.
Our Mission
We believe that life and living are meant to be fun, exciting experiences. We can feel good and we can do good. Our mission at SoulLoved is to create distinct, intentionally infused products, while running a socially conscious business.
Our Difference
We know that what we do matters, and here at SoulLoved, we take that very seriously. From our people to our process to our products to our purpose – we do it all with great care and love!
Our People
It starts with our people! Our employees are ambassadors of our brand, a reflection of who we are and the health of our company. Happy employees create happy products made in a happy process, and happy products make for happy customers.
Our Process
The process for our products begins with a careful inspection and hand selection of materials by our founder. Each day as a team, we start with a centering meditation to bring in the right energy and atmosphere to create and infuse proper intentions. Once the piece is complete, it undergoes quality inspection from the founder, is saged, and then sent off to its’ new home, full of love to bestow on you!
Our Products
Our products are a fantastic combination of beauty and purpose. For our jewelry, we create paying attention to the arrangement of the stones, noting where it will fall on the body when it is worn, and which stones are touching the skin. Each stone serves a different purpose and are selected based off of their specific metaphysical properties.
Our Commitment to Quality
All of our exclusive products are made with authentic gemstones, meaning we do not use synthetic or imitation beads.
Our Craftsmanship
We do our very best to craft products that are distinctive and unparalleled not only in their design, but throughout the creation process. Prior to assembly or jewelry creation, all of our gemstones are charged by at least one full moon before they can be used. One complete, each piece is quality inspected by our founder. The finished products are then cleansed with white sage before they are sent out.
Our Service
We want this to be a pleasant and memorable experience, and hope that in creating that, you’ll not only come back and shop with us again, but refer us to your family and friends as well.

Customer care

Happy customers make for a happy company! We care deeply about your happiness and want your experience with us to be nothing short of stellar. Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, we appreciate you reaching out to let us know how we’re doing (both good AND bad!) and how we can better serve you!

Our Products

Our pieces are so much more than pretty beads strewn together. From the stone selection to the layout order, there’s meaning in it all! Learn about all the steps we take along the way, from creation to send off! Click here to learn about the process involved in creating our intentional items.


At SoulLoved, charitable work and impact is not an afterthought or a side note, it is woven into the very fiber of what we do and why we started. Our commitment to use this platform to raise the collective vibration is seen as our duty, responsibility, and an absolute honor. For every single item sold, $1 is donated to Thorn, a charity which holds significant importance to our founder and to us.