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Happy customers make for a happy company! We care deeply about your happiness and want your experience with us to be nothing short of stellar. Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, we appreciate you reaching out to let us know how we’re doing (both good AND bad!) and how we can better serve you!

Our Products

Our pieces are so much more than pretty beads strewn together. From the stone selection to the layout order, there’s meaning in it all! Learn about all the steps we take along the way, from creation to send off! Click the icon above to learn about the process involved in creating our intentional items.


At SoulLoved, charitable work and impact is not an afterthought or a side note, it is woven into the very fiber of what we do and why we started. Our commitment to use this platform to raise the collective vibration is seen as our duty, responsibility, and an absolute honor. For every single item sold, $1 is donated to Thorn, a charity which holds significant importance to our founder and to us.