What if your Mala breaks?

First and foremost, don’t freak out. Take a big, cleansing breath, and then think about what was happening at the time that it broke. Once you’ve re-centered, realize what a special moment this is to experience! Sound absurd? Let me tell you a story . . . 


When I first was introduced to the beauty and significance of a mala necklace, I knew I had to have one- but not just any would do. It had to be something special, I wanted to feel a significant connection to it and its’ energy. And everywhere I looked, some were very pretty, some were very cost-effective (and some were not!), some had great meaning, but none of the ones I encountered felt like it had been made for ME. 

Flash forward a few years, and I was gifted one from my teacher at the time at a special retreat in Hawaii. As soon as I held it, I knew: This one was special. It had meaning, it had intention, and the person who made it shared interesting facts about my mala specifically. It wasn’t made in a factory, or mass-produced. This one was unique, and mine.

3 days after it entered my life, my beautiful new mala broke! Not by my hand, not by any force, but while I was simply going about my day, the necklace cord split. At the time I was confused how that could happen so quickly when I had just become attached to it, and then I looked up what the significance was of a mala breaking: I was excited to learn that it means that a cycle has come to an end, and that spiritual growth has occurred! 

SPIRITUAL GROWTH, my friend!! The end of a cycle! I noticed the harmony I felt within and had definitely experienced some deep healing the past few days! The intention with which my mala was created was to release that which no longer serves me, and yo. . .  I FELT that for REAL!

I reflected on the three days it had been with me while on my retreat, and although brief, how tremendously impactful, mind-expanding, and life-changing the time had been. It was an intensely focused time where I had grown, stretched, and learned a great deal, and experienced so many personal shifts at this retreat. This mala was special indeed. 

At first, I wanted to repair it but then decided that it signified something so wonderful, and now that it had broken, represented something even MORE beautiful. So instead, I turned it into 4 matching bracelets: one to keep its’ message close to me and to serve as a wonderful and powerful reminder of my experience, and 3 to pass along to share its’ message with others. And just like that, I could do something to raise the collective vibration of the people around me!


A mala breaking is an uncommon experience, and definitely a momentous one. We hope that in your reflection you experience a sense of joy, fulfillment, and appreciation for your journey and work to get to this point. 

We would LOVE to hear your story and experience with your mala necklace! If you feel called to, please email us at info@soulloved.com and share your adventure!

*All custom-made malas include a one-time complimentary bracelet conversion service upon breaking, however, all shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. For those customers looking to have a broken SoulLoved Intentional mala converted into bracelets, there is a minimal fee in addition to all shipping charges. Please contact us for further information.

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